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Simple. Fast. Efficient.

Save time and money!

Loss prevention has become a crucial aspect of the insurance industry. Insurance providers are constantly searching for ways to gather relevant information that can help them better tailor their products to their customers' needs. To achieve this, they rely on loss prevention services.

At In-Prev, we're committed to revolutionizing the insurance industry with innovative solutions such as assisted self-assessment. Our program empowers policyholders to perform their own loss prevention inspection through an  easy-to-use web interface. By eliminating the need for an on-site inspector, clients can complete the assessment when it’s convenient, resulting in an improved overall customer experience.


Insured individuals quickly generate a photo prevention report, which is then evaluated by our team of experts at 

a low cost to the insurance provider.


How it works

Take charge of your home's loss prevention inspection with guidance from In-Prev Inc. We'll help you create a comprehensive portrait of your home for your insurance provider.


Take photos

With step-by-step instructions and tips on how to take suitable photos, your report is ready within minutes.


Check your report

Submit your photos, and you're done!

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